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Haning on boot after CPU swap

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Hi, I'm having an issue with unRAID hanging on boot after changing CPU. It loads part way but then will just hang with no further progress. System is booting from UEFI, as it did before the upgrade. It seems like it outright freezes rather than hanging to be honest. Sometimes it will freeze at different times. Booting into safe mode makes no difference. Suggestions welcome


It sometimes gets a weird graphical error where the loading /bzroot...OK stays on the screen when it freezes


System specs:

Intel Xeon E5-2697Av4 (old CPU was Intel Xeon E5-2690v3)

Asus X99 WS IPMI



Mellanox X3 Connect


See attached image for where it gets stuck. It's not always in the same place



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2 minutes ago, JorgeB said:

Make sure the BIOS correctly supports that CPU, if yes try the old one, if it boots again could be a CPU issue.

It's on the latest BIOS, with support for E5-2600v4 processors so should be okay there.


Going to try booting into a fresh install to see if that works, then possibly do a restore.

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4 hours ago, JorgeB said:

Make sure the BIOS correctly supports that CPU, if yes try the old one, if it boots again could be a CPU issue.

Found it to be a faulty core. Narrowed it down to core 11 being defective. System boots with core 11 disabled but fails with it enabled.


Seller's accepted a return so will look for a replacement.

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4 hours ago, Derek_ said:

How do you see if a core is defective?


I'm about to change hardware, so i'm researching possible gotchas.

On mine, it was reporting MCE errors for core 13. Though the way the Linux kernal and the BIOS sees cores is different it seems. I went through each core until I found that core 11 was causing the problems. If I disable core 11, system boots fine. As soon as I re-enable it, system will fail to boot.



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50 minutes ago, Derek_ said:


How does one do that? Was the messaging you showed during the boot? You had a monitor attached and watched it boot (or fail to)?

That was during booting into unRAID, yes. I control my server via an IPMI interface over the network, but having a monitor plugged in while it's booting would accomplish the same thing

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