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UI doesn't think Array is mounted, when I can access VMs, dockers, and shares

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Currently unraid thinks my array isn't mounted, even though it is.


I have VMs, dockers, and can access shares fine, but everything in the UI shows that the array isn't' mounted.


Under VMS the message "Array must be started to view virtual machines" shows right above the VM that shows started.


Docker says the same thing, but shows the running containers


Under Main, the device slots are drop downs like they are when specifying which drive to go to which slot, but the array is clearly running.


I have a UPS, but I still think it ended up doing an uncleanshutdown.


I've rebooted the server, cleared all data on the browser, and it still behaves the same.




Ignore disk 4 in the logs, that just started today.


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I tried closing every single window on every device, and opening a single new window in incognito on Chrome. It still incorrectly shows the Array as stopped.


One thing I noticed is I can access all my shares on the network, but I can't access the individual discs.

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