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  1. I just updated to 6.9.2 and I am unable to spin down my SAS drives. They do not spin down by schedule and if I manually spin them down, the icon changes to the spinning one and then goes back to being green. I have a combination of HUS724030ALS640 and HUS723030ALS640. Before the update (on 6.8.3 I think) I could spin down the HUS723030ALS640 but was unable to for HUS724030ALS640 tower-diagnostics-20210415-2155.zip
  2. Here is the file. I'm trying to copy files into the Media Share. Thanks! tower-diagnostics-20201227-1226.zip
  3. I am wondering what settings I need to split the files in a directory across multiple disks. My first drive keeps filling up and I have to use unBalance to move stuff off it daily. I've tried multiple allocation methods and split levels including auto, and have a 30GB minimum free space set. I even ran rsync -av -f"+ */" -f"- *" /mnt/disk1/Media /mnt/disk2 to copy the entire directory structure to each hard drive. Yet my hard drive keeps just filling up until there is a couple kb left and then I get error messages about it being full. Disk1:Media/television/series/season 1/episode
  4. If the split level is set to automatic, would it ever split the files in the highest level directory? For example these two files on two different disks: TV Shows/Show/Season 1/episode 1.avi TV Shows/Show/Season 1/episode 2.avi I have a problem where I constantly have to manually move files off my first disk because it keeps copying episodes just there instead of the empty disks.. I end up with 1 drive that I constantly have to run unBalance on while I have 4 drives that sit there with loads of room to spare.
  5. gigo90 I have the same problem. When I try to start it it just stops. To install it I added a container with: Name:rclone Repository: rclone/rclone networktype:Bridge