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Read-only file system

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Jun 20 02:08:35 KW-UNRAID move: move_object: /mnt/cache/Veeam/Veeam Backup: Read-only file system
Jun 20 02:08:35 KW-UNRAID move: file: //..g/...
Jun 20 02:08:35 KW-UNRAID move: create_parent: /mnt/cache/appdata/Plex-Media-Server/Library/Application Support/Plex Media Server/Logs/PMS Plugin Logs error: Read-only file system


Looks like all your shares are currently cache:yes, perhaps trying to fix the problem of filling cache. Your cache has plenty of capacity. Can you provide more details about how you managed to fill it?


Set appdata, domains, system shares cache:only so mover won't try to move them for now. Set Veeam and other shares cache:no so mover won't try to move them for now.


You may have to backup files on cache and reformat it.


Have you done memtest recently?



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8 hours ago, Shadow70 said:

moving a large amount of files from my nas to a share on the unraid which was a few TB

You should never try to cache more than cache can hold. Mover is intended for idle time. It is impossible to move from cache to array as fast as you can write to cache, and trying to move while still writing only makes things worse. For large transfers to a share, set it cache:no.

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14 hours ago, Shadow70 said:

I was moving a large amount of files from my nas to a share on the unraid which was a few TB and wasn't thinking at the time and caused it to fill up.

what is the best way to backup the files on the cache?

You should make sure that the Minimum Free Space value for the pool (cache) is set to be larger than the biggest file you expect to want cached and then Unraid will start by-passing the cache for any further files once it drops below this value.

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Thank you all for your help,

l moved everything from the cache to another drive and wiped it and have everything up apart from plex which l am going to redo as l think a file failed to copy but l am not worried.

l have ordered larger SSD's to help a little with this and will make sure l don't cause this again.

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