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Upgrade 6.11.5 to 6.12.1 and now no Web GUI

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Hi Guys/Gals


I have just done an OS update to 6.12.1, reboot as requested


No there is no web GUI, can ping the IP from workstation

UNRAID boot with GUI = No web GUI (even local in firefox)

UNRAID safe mode boot with GUI = No web GUI (even local in firefox)


in all cases, I can ping the IP address of the server and dont see any obvious errors on boot



All plugin, docker and VM update were done before the OS update


Daigs attached (produced from console)




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Thanks for the reply.


How, from the console?

you need to babysit me, i'm a windows boy!





Got it

  - Boot with GUI

  - Midnight commander

  - Edit this file /boot/config/network.cfg

  - Comment out the vLAN 77

  - Save and reboot

  - access to the GUI, IP address



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"Fix Common Problems" has always been installed on all of my servers (pre upgrade to 6.12 and fully updated) and it didn't tell me, I know this for a fact. I ran it and checked BEFORE doing the update...


if "Unraid 6.12 has improvement security" then it needs improvements in reporting/logging too, rather than silently failing and breaking the whole system giving no user information

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