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Cannot replace license key

Go to solution Solved by Kilrah,

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Please help with how I can replace the flash key. Following the way to do it I get issues with login. On the Unraid server I am asked to use another client because "Unfortunately Firefox in Unraid's OS GUI mode causes issues with the webGUI communicating with this pop-up windows. Please use an alternative client  to access the Unraid webGUI to interact with your account." If I do it from another machine, the login simply doesn't work, it just sends me back to login after supplying the credentials.

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Thanks for reply. The credentials work for logging in to the forums and to the Connect page, so I doubt they are incorrect..?


Thanks for the manual alternative, I've filled out the form. Not so happy to potentially have to wait up to 4 days... Hopefully they can  make it happen faster.

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In the case of only one data disk and one parity disk they'll have identical contents so it doesn't matter (unless one is bigger, then that should go to parity), but next time screenshot your assignments.

That said if you mounted them out of array you'll have to run a correcting parity check since they'll now be mismatched.

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Thank you, that is very helpful! One of them is indeed bigger, so thank you so much for pointing out those details. I'll run the correcting parity check.


I had a stressful day in many regards, not even counting the death of my Unraid server, and at least the help I received today eased the pain. Thanks to all, hopefully it'll be up again soon!

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