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Moved enclosures & added drives, now LSI card not working?

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I've been running my system for years without issue, but I just moved everything over to a new enclosure. As part of this migration I also have removed several smaller disks and replaced them with larger ones (the total number of disks decreased, if that matters).


I've been using an LSI SAS2308 with two breakout cables connected without issue up to this physical migration.


Unraid boots back up as expected but is only "seeing" direct SATA connected drives and not anything through the LSI card (however the card itself shows up in System Devices but with nothing attached). Nothing else changed with the build and everything got connected back up just how it was before, except for the drives.


1. Could disconnecting and reconnecting the LSI card reset some sort of IT-mode settings?

2. Would the card or Unraid be unhappy that the drives all got shuffled around and some old ones aren't there anymore (keep in mind I'm not starting the array, I'm aware of mapping serial numbers before doing so)?

3. Is there a way to verify IT/passthrough mode via the Unraid terminal?


Any other ideas would be appreciated!

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10 minutes ago, JorgeB said:

Everything looks good with the HBA, are you sure the cables are well connected? Also check that you hear the disks spinning up when powered on.



The old enclosure fans used molex connectors and the new one used PWM. I had left the molex unplugged from the PSU, forgetting that it also powered the disks with the breakouts. Thanks for the pointer that led me to my boneheaded mistake!

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