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every couple of weeks or so my system crashes, and i have to hard reboot

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every couple of weeks or so my system crashes, and i have to hard reboot


really hoping someone can read the diagnositics and help figure out why before i blindly upgrade to the latest stable version that i just noticed is available today.


i have been trying to read the syslog which i am mirring to my usb since i noticed this issue.


i had an issue with the tmpfs filling up but that has since been mitigated and things did get a bit better.  but still i woke up this morning to a completely downed server, i had to hard reboot using meshcommander talking to the intel amt i have setup on it. 


any help would be greatly appreciated.  please let me know if you require any further details or information at all.


previous boot ... so crash  happened right before this

system boot  2023-06-20 20:04


this current boot was ... but i am unsure exactly when the system started having trouble as i was likely sleeping.

system boot  2023-07-01 09:20



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you might be running into the same issue a few have had.

Nvidia GPU Drivers and Plex seem to be created a done of noise in the log files filling the FS for /run which crashes docker and the whole system.


do a df -h on console and checkout /run usage for tmpfs.

likely in /run/docker/ you have a log.json file that is growing.

can't seem to find a fix myself other than clearing the log file in a script daily.

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indeed i was, but i put that script in place and had  increased my /run size. so i don't think that is the reason for my crash anymore.  certainly was or  wasn't helping.


that was on or around June 5th when i marked @Polar as solving it.  my dumb solution was to increase the size of /run to 256MB which is a bit of a waste of RAM.  to also be fair to myself i did say i was gonna clear the log on cron in the thread on a post i did on March 29th, but didn't actually go through with it until Polar posted on June 5th.  i have since shrunk /run to 64MB but i do have plenty of ram.  once i am convinced there is no longer an issue i will disable the cron but leave it in place and comment out the resizing of /run on boot.

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i've decided to do the upgrade to the 6.12.2 stable branch from 6.11.5 that i am on now.


hopefully it goes smoothly and if i am super lucky (since when?) it may even fix my problem.


if you were looking into my issue, i thank you very much.  and please please feel free to enlighten us.(me).

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my upgrade went as smoothly as one could hope. i am not crazy about how shares seemed to come from no where when i added my zfs.  its a bit weird. i will need to stop the array when possible and clean that up.  i will likely convert my multiple cache's to zfs, and fix those shares.


but other than that i am happy..  now i will monitor for stability and if i don't crash after say 1 month, i will mark this post as the solution to my crashing issue.


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upgrading seemed to fix whatever my issue was ..


Uptime 1 month 2 days 20 hours 49 minutes.


now that everything is running so well i am reluctant to update again


Current unRaid Version: 6.12.2 Upgrade unRaid Version: 6.12.3. i guess i will read the release notes on .3 and see how many changes there are to weigh the risks.

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