How do I set the Keyboard to DVORAK

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I've been using DVORAK since 1987, back when Microsoft included a driver for the DVORAK keyboard layout (and Mac quickly followed) ... and I'm having a real hard time typing in QWERTY. So before I go further with unraid ... how do I change the keyboard to the DVORAK layout. Unfortunately in this case, I'm a Windows/Android/iOS/iPadOS/Mac guy, and I haven't figured out from internet searches how to set the KB layout to DVORAK for UNRAID (Though I have successfully followed instructions for UBUNTU to do it.)


Through the years I've had people ask me why I would use such a stupid keyboard and tell me to just use QWERTY ... so let me proactively answer it. I had carpel tunnel syndrome symptoms back in the early 1980's (yes I'm old enough that we used to barcode dinosaurs so we could scan them to tell quickly which were dangerous). Switching to DVORAK took me just over 20 days; Before I switched I had aching hands every day and massaged my hands on the drive home every day, after I switched I haven't once in nearly 40 years had the issues I had when tying QWERTY, and I still type dozens to hundreds of pages of text a day.

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Disclaimer, I have NOT tried this, I have no clue if the map file needs to be unzipped first, or how to recover other than restarting Unraid. IF this works, (I doubt it) you will need to script this so it is run on every boot, as Unraid runs from RAM and unpacks fresh on each boot.

loadkeys /usr/share/kbd/keymaps/i386/dvorak/

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