Docker containers fail to update

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I have a dozen or so Docker containers installed from the Apps section. Updates are frequently published and the "Action Centre" always shows up which lets me easily update them. However, every time I do so, Unraid doesn't seem to delete the old container before trying to create the new one, so I get a message like this:



Error response from daemon: Conflict. The container name "/grafana" is already in use by container ....



Strangely it seems to _stop_ the old container, but not _delete_ it, which I think is why creating the new one fails. This happens with all my containers.


Has anyone seen this before? I've tried deleting my docker.img & recreating all my containers but it's still happening.

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Awesome!! This is exactly what I wanted to hear. It did seem like my containers have been updating, I just wasn’t sure how that was possible with the commands & output I was seeing (I use Docker a lot professionally, but I’m newer to Unraid).


Anyway, glad it’s a known thing and I’ll keep an eye out for the next release. Thanks!

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