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electricity bill for my unaid

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just wonder if anyone can tell me if my build will be expensive to run 24/7


this is my spec


HP Compaq DX2250 Microtower PC

1.50gb ddr2 ram

Sempron 1.75GHZ cpu (single core)

250w power supply

4 120mm fans running silent with a fan controller.


500GB WD GREEN parity

500GB WD GREEN Disk1


all disks go into sleep after 10 minutes


most of the time i dont use the unraid but i like to keep it on for when i do :)


i no this isn't enough info to get an exact figure but basically im wondering if someone with same spec or close as me can tel me if they noticed an increase in the electricity bill



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Running at 150 watts power draw for 24 hours a day for 30 days would run around 10-12 dollars depending on your price per kwh.  that's if I'm doing the math right.  150 watts is what my server's average draw is when spun up so I imagine what you listed would be less.


Looking at the psu you have, at it's maximum rating 250 watts you'd be looking at less than 20 bucks a month to run it at full capacity. Your system probably is really using less than 120 watts I'd imagine, maybe less than 100.

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My unraid server have 3 2TB western green Hdds and one 160GB 5400rpm Samsung Notebook Hdd.

Motherboard is a Nf7G with nf630 Chipset.

CPU AMD Athlon LE1200 @800 MHz with a 350 W Bequiet power supply and 2GB RAM.


On Idle unraid needs 25 Watt, all HDDs spindown

Watch Movie ca 30 Watts and all HDDs Power UP circa 40 Watts.


I calc ... 24 Hours a circa 30 Watts  circa 720 Watts.

In germany one kw/h electricy cost ca 20 Euro cents -->circa 15 Euro cents per day -->4 Euros per months --> circa 50-60 Euros per year!

When u use S3 i think you save 50% money per annum.


I think your unraid cost you a bottle beer in a bar per month. But unraid let your face smile every day! (When it works great to you)


I love my unraid every day, but i hate my bad english and linux knowlegde every day.


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thanks for your reply..would you recommend me getting a 200w psu then ? or would it not matter as my pc is not using the full 250w psu?


as far as I know changing power supplies won't matter, the the system isn't going to consume more power than what it needs.  I know mine is not the most power efficient, using a 3.2 ghz dual core athlon and 11 2tb green drives but even if it sits at 150 watts all the time that is pretty inexpensive to run 24/7. 

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In the US, where average electricity costs are about 10 cents per kwh, it is going to cost you about $1 per year to run your server 24x7 for every watt consumed.


I don't know how much power your server will draw but mine draws about 40w when all the disks are spun down. So I figure it costs me about $40 to keep my server on at all times. I think it is well worth the convenience of having my data readily accessible.

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Efficiency ist the magic word.


You can change the power supply to a 750W supply.


I was amazed as i hear, a AmdX4 have 20W Power consumption with a 750 W power supply on idle...

Here can you read a test from BIG power supply ´s




The SEASONIC 760 have a efficiency from 90% by 20 % load!!!


The fan from the SEASONIC starts at 20% LOAD to the power supply (150WATTs) and from 21 to 50% supply load the fan had only 16 dB(A) noise.


NO, i´m not a worker from seasonic, but this is my favorite power supply because verry quiet and verry efficient!  ;D



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