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Dune Player stopped recognising UNRAID - any suggestions?

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Hi there,


My UnRaid has been working very well for almost a year now - using it mostly through my Dune player. A week ago I started getting a problem whereby the Dune would say it couldn't read a file, whereby the file was perfectly accessible from my PC. This became more widespread until it refused to play most files. I reset the Dune to factory settings, and tested it out on some files from a USB drive - everthing plays fine.


One problem:- The Dune now fails to detect my unraid server under the network search, and I can't seem to get it to find my server no matter how much I fiddle.


Does anyone have any idea where I might be going wrong? Grateful for any wisdom you might have!



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I've never been able to locate my server using the network browser on  a Dune Smart D1. Have you set up the the individual share shortcuts for the Dune, by pressing the pop-up menu on the sources page? I am currently using SMB shares to access my user shares without incident. If you have simple security set (in UnRAID), you would log in using your root password. If you have user level security, then you would have to make a user called "dune" (note all lower case) with its own password, and use those credentials to access the shares. You probably know this all already. It may help to know which UnRAID version you are using, I'm on 4.7.

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