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unRAID says Starting... after installing plugins


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Hi there!


I have upgraded my unRAID to 5.0-beta12A recently. I havde had som issues but I have been able sto solve them. All except one: my array says "Starting..." on my main page. But the array seems to be started as I can browse my shares from my computers. This error appeared when I installed three plugins. I first installed SABNZBD, went fine. I then installed SICKBEARD, all fine. At last, I installed COUCHPOTATO. When I rebooted for the plugin installation to be finished, my array says "Starting...". When I browse to port 8080 (for unmenu) I can see my unRAID as ususal, no visible errors as I can see.


Anybody who has experienced anything like this when they install plugins???


Regards Jens

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I am experiencing the same behavior. unraid web hangs after starting SABNZBD, SICKBEARD and COUCHPOTATO plugins. Anyhow everything (else) seems to work fine.


Have you been able to solve your issues or have you successfully switched to the unmenu packages?

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i found that as soon as I started off from scratch and only used plugins while not installing unmenu, I am good to go now.  No more "starting"


i ended up trying this out and had no affect on my array. still stuck at starting...


now i'm having issues with permissions also and u can only change them when the array is started... wtf

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I literally started off from scratch, all new installation on the usb drive.  NO unmenu this time around.  I got the array going first... then installed simplefeatures, rebooted, then one by one installed sab, couch, sick, headphones, etc with a reboot inbetween each to verify that none of them were locking it up.



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