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A DISK IN MY ARRAY SAYS, "Unmountable: Unsupported or no file system"

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Morning all,


Yesterday I added a disk to my array, it cleared it down and added it fine, set to zfs and formatted

I then proceeded to let mover do its thing and move the files on my cache drive, all looked good, but saw the disk was still showing as 0 in size and used.
Maybe I did a stupid thing next, but I restarted it, just in case, now it shows 

Unmountable: Unsupported or no file system

just sorting the logs now


Many thanks

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Many thanks

logs attatched, i did remove some lines, with some file names, also truncated these, there where maybe 100's of these, trying to move from my datacache pool

worf-diagnostics-20240303-0843\logs\syslog-previous.txt:1104:error: move, 380: No such file or directory (2): lstat: /mnt/datacache/data/usenet/complete/...
worf-diagnostics-20240303-0843\logs\syslog-previous.txt:1105:error: move, 380: No such file or directory (2): lstat: /mnt/datacache/data/usenet/incomplete/...
worf-diagnostics-20240303-0843\logs\syslog-previous.txt:1106:error: move, 380: No such file or directory (2): lstat: /mnt/datacache/data/usenet/incomplete.....





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