Upgrading unRaid-5 to unRaid-6

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Did you do Section 3 from my instructions?


Basically, you will doing a manual install which can still be done today.  Today's instructions can be found here:




I am a senior citizen at this point in my life and my memory is not as good as it once was.  I seem to have forgotten the details of (and problems) that folks had back then. So I really can't be of much help except to point you in the right direction. 


By the way, you can built a new boot disk using a brand new flash drive.  Put your present   .key    file in the    /config    directory.  When the system boots up, it will prompt you through the steps to transfer your present license to the new flash drive.  Then just assign the drives to the same slots as they were on the old system.  When you start the array, it will come running with all your files intact.  (You will probably have to the   New Permissions    tool in the   Tools     menu to update the permissions to the current default!)

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Yes read all instructions, my problem is the server don't boot.
is like a have no usb stick.
i put a anthor usb stick he boot one time (i see it on hardisk drive menu on the bios), but now my compter don't show the usb sticks

i tried to make with the tool and manually, same issue

i put only the file Plus.key but is the same.

My mainboard is a core2 from Gigabytes Ga-g33-ds3r is the problem? too old?

i try to put in some other usb place on the rear (i have only 4) but same issue.


thank you very much for your help

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