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PCI-E 6Gb/s SATA III Card ASMEDIA1061 2 ports for $9.45 free shipping


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This one's for those of us that are cheap, 2 fast ports practically free -


The ASM1061 cards are cheap but very fast (6 gbps), 2 ports only.  This one on Ebay has dropped to $9.45, with free shipping.  Takes a couple of weeks to arrive.  I've purchased 2 of them at different times in the past from him, for about $11 then.  Includes a choice of 2 ports, internal or external (eSATA) using dip switches.


  PCI-E X1 6Gb/s SATA III Card ASMEDIA1061


Note: instructions aren't included.  For jumper settings, see one of the following links -

  http://www.amazon.com/Express-Adapter-Converter-ASMEDIA-ASM1061/dp/B008BZAVVE - settings in Q&A and in top review

  http://images10.newegg.com/User-Manual/User_Manual_16-129-101.pdf - on page 3

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Thank you for the info :)

Too sad cards like this only have 2SATA ports, but but.

But, if this card uses PCI-E 1.0 1X port, does not that mean that it can't run both ports at 600MB/sec but is capped at max 250MB for both ports?


Edit: My bad, sees now it is 1X PCIE 3.0 card but is backwards compatible with 1.0 :)

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