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NUT UPS support

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Hi, I know unraid already offers ups support, but it is limited to APC ups's. I propose to add NUT plugin support to a future version. I have running macester's but plugin which works well. I just miss you guys updating the driver version and updates of the plugin itself.

It would be useful for lots of unraid license owners. I assume it does not add to much coding work for you...maybe I am wrong. I keep an eye on what you think about it.

Rgds and great job done in the latest releases of unraid.


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I'd also love to see NUT support built in. I'm using a Tripp Lite SMART5000RT3U which obviously isn't supported by APC. Also, since Macester didn't get a chance to include SNMP support before he stopped developing the plugin, I've had to fork his repository and make my own hacks. It works, but I would obviously prefer to be using a supported solution for something as important as UPS monitoring and safe shutdown.


There used to be a similar feature request for baked in NUT back in the unRAID v5 days. If I remember correctly, the talk was of moving away from APC and onto NUT. Last I checked it was still in the "Unscheduled" sub-forum, though I can't seem to find the topic anymore.


Anyway, +1 from me on this.



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+1 I have a Tripp Lite, and was using the built-in support. I quit using the built-in support due to USB devices on my VM would cause discommunication with UPS. I thought it was a VM/IRQ sort of "bleed." Unsure of exact cause, but after learning of only APC support, I've let the computer run without UPS communication. I wasn't aware of macester's plugin, I'll have to take a look.


Thank you for your hard work.

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+1 I'm running a Liebert GXT2U and actually looking at forking @Ambrotos's fork of @macester's plugin to get the MIB included for my UPS.


NUT is far more flexible than apcupsd.

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