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I am looking to do a new unRAID build to replace an existing Synology NAS. I'll be using a Fractal Design Node 804, with 10 drives, a Super Micro X9SCL, an intel i5-2500, 8GB of ECC and probably up to 8 fans in the case. Do you think a 400w power supply is sufficient or should I look at a 520w instead? The drives will be running all the time, no dockers, no VM's just basic NAS duty.

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Except it looks like the chipset on this particular board does not support i5/i7's, ugghhh. So far I've found some E3-1220v2 CPU's around $100, guess I don't have much choice if I go with this board. If you can recommend another board, I am open to suggestions.


* Per Intel's spec, for platforms using C202/C204 PCH: 
   1) Intel i5/i7 CPUs are not supported
   2) Intel E3-12x5 series processors which have integrated graphics support are not recommended.
** Supermicro X9SCL motherboard is using a dedicated graphic from Matrox G200eW.
*** BIOS rev. 2.0 or above is needed to support new E3-1200 v2 CPUs, which supports PCI-E 3.0 & DDR3 1600.

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25 minutes ago, johnnie.black said:

For basic NAS you can use any Sand/Ivy Bridge Celeron or Pentium, most support ECC, check on Intel ARK.

I think official support for ECC in the Core i3 and Celeron/Pentium families started with Haswell.  I've seen a lot of debate on whether it might have actually worked on Sandy Bridg/Ivy Bridge, but the SB/IB Core/Celeron/Pentium's I've looked at so far on Intel Ark all officially say they don't support ECC.


@ashman70, what's your priority?  I.e., reusing some existing hardware, cost for used hardware, cost for new hardware, ECC support, etc.

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4 minutes ago, tdallen said:

I've seen a lot of debate on whether it might have actually worked on Sandy Bridg/Ivy Bridge, but the SB/IB Core/Celeron/Pentium's I've looked at so far on Intel Ark all officially say they don't support ECC.


There some doubts on SB CPUs, but most IB Celeron and Pentium appear with ECC support:





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Well that being the case, and at $20-$45 on eBay depending on the chip, seems like a good option for a pure NAS with that motherboard.


  • Intel® Xeon® processor E3-1200 & v2 series, Intel® 2nd Gen and 3rd Gen Core i3, Intel® Pentium® and Celeron processors *** *
  • Socket H2 (LGA 1155)



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I've changed my mind, the board doesn't have to be socket 1155, I just want something not too expensive that is low powered and can support ECC. If I can get a board for around $150 CAN and a low powered CPU for around $100 or less that would be great. The board has to be micro or mini atx due to the case. Used is ok too. 

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15 hours ago, ashman70 said:

Intel Celeron G1840


One thought, for a few dollars more, you can get the Intel Pentium G3260. Not a huge upgrade, but might be worth exploring. Amazon.ca sells them for roughly the same price, but there's shipping on the Pentium cpu.


TDP is rated the same (53w), so power usage should be similar...

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Alright I upgraded to the G3260 and I bought this RAM, hope it works with the board.




I just pulled the trigger, this will be a fun build.


Also go this fanless power supply too.



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Good move on the CPU. It's nice to have a little bit of headroom, even if you don't need it right now.


As far as the PSU goes, it looks really nice. I think the size is right as well, unless you start adding video cards and 10000 rpm drives :).


Quick example, WD Red drives use 1.79amps per, so 10 would be 18amps. Add 5 more for the mobo, and you're looking at 23amps. Newegg says the max output on the 12v rail is 33amps, so you even have a bit of room to play.


Good luck on the build! :)

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Thanks, I've always loved Seasonic and never minded paying the extra $$ for them. I just hope the RAM is ok.

Another SeaSonic fan here. I use all SeaSonic power supplies in my 2U chassis. Plenty of power for my 12 drives and they run silent. Had these about 3 years and never had a failure.

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