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I need help with Rootshare map drive


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Hi all


I just build my first unraid server. I got few question on shared drive. I got the unraid server pro by the way.


1. I did create another user to be able to access folder's


2. I want to be able to connect to a map drive and have all  my folder's (movies,tv series, picture, io's ) 

I saw on the internet how to create shared drive. (See picture's)


So i did it but when i'm trying to connect it on my other pc (windows 10) on shared drive I can only map one folder at a time.

But if I'm opening the path directly by writing \\tower\ i'm able to see all folder's. But i'm not able to map it like this with shared drive.


What is the best way of doing it.



Thank you

unraid 1.JPG

unraid 2.JPG

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If I understand correctly what you want to do,  You need to create another share.  Let's call it   Media    .  Then move your current three user shares inside of Media (They will no longer be user shares .   (You will want to do this on the server side using  mc or krusader as it will be faster!)  Then you can map  Media  to a single mapped drive on your Windows computer.  

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