Using UPS data to calculate power usage and consumption?


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Hey, which binary or daemon is responsible for pulling UPS data when there's a compatible UPS connected via USB? How can I pull data from it the same way UnRAID does?


I'm talking about this:



I think it'd be really cool to use this data to measure my server's power consumption and cost every month. Sort of like a Kill-A-Watt, but way better, and without the $25 price tag. Is there a plugin that does this already?





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apcupsd, but remember that data is from the output of the UPS, the input is going to be different. You have losses involved in keeping the battery charged, and some draw for the other UPS functions. I wouldn't classify it as being as accurate as a kill-a-watt for measuring what you are spending.


You can scrape the info from the apcupsd output either directly on the server with apcaccess or with a remote install of apcupsd. The default setup of the software on unraid is set up as a broadcast server, so it's easy to connect a remote instance to read the data. Collecting, storing, and formatting the data for analysis is left up to you.

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I found that my UPS (Eaton Elipse using NUT v2 unraid Plugin) is only reporting power draw in 1% steps of the nominal power and also only reporting the apparent power, not real power.

I now have a smart home plug (approx value of 8USD) inserted into the outlet, where the UPS is plugged in.

See my details here: 


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