DSM UI On docker + unraid


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anyone was able to get it running in 2020?

I tried to the last step, but it just won't launch it, here is the console log:

INFO: KVM acceleration enabled,
INFO: DHCP configured to serve IP via dockerbridge,
INFO: Lauching dnsmasq,
DEBUG: dnsmasq options:  --dhcp-range=, --dhcp-host=00:11:32:2A:A6:13,,,VirtualMachine,infinite --dhcp-option=option:netmask,                           --dhcp-option=option:dns-server,        --dhcp-option=option:router,             --dhcp-option=option:domain-search,#,all,known,uplink,DNS,servers.,This,file,lists,all,configured,domains.,
vcn.oraclevcn.com   --dhcp-option=option:domain-name,#        ,
dnsmasq: junk found in command line,


what does it mean? dnsmasq: junk found in command line?


@robertomano24 are you able to get it running?



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@qy2009 If you're using the repo I mentioned you dont even need your own synoboot.img. It's provided by the repository. Just use the template I linked and you'll be good to go. I was never able to get it working with the latest version of DSM, and was faced with effectively rebuilding the project from scratch to get it up and running. I may have been able to get it eventually, but as the only reason I wanted synology in the first place was for the amazing Cloud Sync application, I decided to give up and use a work-around. For anyone curious, I'm running a lightweight linux VM with the Insync application to backup my entire Unraid box to my G Suite account utilizing the Unraid Share functionality with my VM. Works great! Still would prefer synology's cloud sync I think, but getting it working in docker, and then trying to get the host shares mounted via 9p in docker was just too much headache. 

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