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  1. Thats what I thought. Yeah, Unturned is free, I just tried this in the course of troubleshooting. Thought it might be why the server would not start. Good to know! Appreciate your looking into it. Also glad I wasnt crazy when trying to setup. I'll update the container and post back
  2. The unturned server does not seem to be working. I've set it up with a steam username and password on an account with the game purchased, and steam guard disabled. The server seems to loop itself though, never actually starting up. I've looked through the logs, but can't seem to identify anything specific that's going wrong. Maybe I'm missing a necessary game parameter? I kept everything other than the steam creds the default as they're provided by CA. Appreciate any input. Thanks!
  3. Anyone know of a place where I can buy this? Been watching for months and it's out of stock everywhere, even before all the COVID19 stuff. Why would Rosewill just stop selling it so soon after release? Moreover, tons of their server cases are out of stock. Weird.
  4. @meep Thanks for chiming in, I'm afraid you're right. I'll wait and see, but I'm afraid your're correct. Guess we'll see. I'll update when it comes in. Also, great blog post. I think I've just learned that I'm going to end up paying way too much money for a rack-mount PCI Expansion Chassis. All for some USB ports, lol.
  5. @agarkauskas The Sonnet one you mentioned is what I purchased, the USB3-Pro-4P10-E. I am unable to get it functioning in Unraid. Also, even if I could, it only has 2 controllers onboard, whereas the old one had 4 (meaning you could pass through each individual port to a different VM, which, with Hubs, means you have lots of hot-pluggable USB devices to 4 VMs at once). The old one was pretty cool. It seems, however, that they may have just started manufacturing it again? I had ordered one from a thirdparty seller on Amazon for a bit over $100, logged on today to check the status of
  6. So I just purchased the 3.1 card, the new one they still sell, thinking it was the card with 4 usb controllers onboard because I did not read this thread carefully enough. Bummer for me, only 2 controllers on the new card. I'm considering returning it and ordering the 4 controller version, found it for sale in a few places. Unfortunately, I'm not even able to get the new 3.1 show up as an "other PCI Device" for my VMs. It seems to be showing the Pericom PCI bridges in System Devices, but no USB controllers. I tried with the PCIe ACS Override setting enabled, but no dice. Anyone have any ideas
  7. More on my broken hardware acceleration saga: I tried to verify that hardware acceleration does work with this set of hardware if the VM is based in High Sierra, and not Mojave or Catalina. In short, I was not able to do so. I've described the behavior of mossman's system (from the passthrough post's discord) in earlier posts, but mine behaves differently in that as soon as GPU passthrough is configured for a High Sierra based VM, the OS will no longer load correctly. The GPU outputs a picture, clover loads, and boots into macOS, but the macOS bootup progress bar freezes at about 1/3 progress
  8. @Leoyzen I tried every vbios listed as compatible for my card on techpowerup, and it nothing changed. Considering loading into Windows and extracting the vbios myself with GPUZ and see if that changes anything. Here's a list of all the vbios I used: https://www.techpowerup.com/vgabios/?did=1002-67DF-1DA2-E353-E7
  9. @Leoyzen @david279 Just wanted to throw out there that I found someone else with this same issue on the Passthrough Post's discord channel. Mossman, whose messages I posted in screenshots eariler. He has experienced the same issue with the exact same GPU on a Ryzen 3700 Host, also with an ASRock motherboard. He also mentioned that he was able to successfully get pass though working in macOS High Sierra, but not in Mojave or Catalina. I'm going to setup a high sierra VM to verify that, and also still try setting up a VM from scratch using opencore, but the whole problem just seems to get weirde
  10. @david279 Makes sense. I'm going to start one from scratch to try opencore with, but for testing in the meantime, it would be expected that if I just set the existing VM to use stock OVMF, it would stop working, right? If it was made with macinabox initially, then the VM needs that custom version? Or is it only by using apfs.efi and opencore that stock OVMF works, like Leoyzen said eariler?
  11. @david279 so when you say setup the VM the regular way with standard OVMF, are you refering to this post from @Leoyzen? Or do you just mean setting up the VM manually, without using macinabox? Been considering doing that anyway so I can switch to opencore.
  12. @david279 I have a quick question about setting up the VM the way you mentioned but OMG that switch. Totally forgot it existed. Any idea how to identify what it's currently set to? No indicator on the device itself and can't find anything in the manual. May just flip it and see if it works. Edit: Found it. My card is setup with the switch down, gaming mode, by default. Bummer (but also good, because if I had wasted this many hours just needing to flip a switch, I'd have been pretty pissed)
  13. @david279 Unfortunately no dice. Same errors about AMD initialization even with those CPU flags you recommended in place. And The RX580 still shows without metal support. So weird.
  14. @david279 Doing that now. Should the second line be indented as it is in the XML you posted? I assume so, but copy/paste does not capture that. Any idea if it should be tab, 2 spaces, or if it matters? I have whitespace nightmares from python and YAML. Edit: seems like not actually, if I try to save it with the the 2 spaces added, it undoes my indentation when I hit save. Trying now.
  15. @david279 Was actually just reading through that as you replied, and looking into how to add the +fma flag. I'm trying what you advised now and I'll report back. Thanks!