Docker Service failed to start.


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Looks like you have a corrupt docker image. Delete and recreate docker image and post new diagnostics.


Then you can add your dockers back using the Previous Apps feature in Apps.


Possibly you have some misconfigured docker application filling docker image up.


Why do you have a parity2 disk but no parity?

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Moving the parity disk to parity2 isn't the solution to whatever problem you were having but since you didn't let us help you with it at the time just leave it for now.


Assuming you have configured your dockers with appdata in the normal way then your plex data, etc. will still be there. The only thing that should be in docker image is the container applications themselves. Their working storage should be in appdata and any other data they read/write should be in Unraid storage according to whatever volume mappings you have defined in each container.


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On 10/15/2018 at 9:29 PM, trurl said:

Delete and recreate docker image and post new diagnostics.

Go to Settings - Docker and disable the Docker Service. Then it will let you delete the docker image and recreate it.


On 10/15/2018 at 9:29 PM, trurl said:

Then you can add your dockers back using the Previous Apps feature in Apps.

Then go to Apps - Previous Apps and it will let you install any and all of your previous dockers with their previous settings, exactly as they were before so there is no need to set them up again. They should just pick up where they were.


On 10/15/2018 at 9:29 PM, trurl said:

Possibly you have some misconfigured docker application filling docker image up.

This is caused by having a container application writing to a path that is not mapped. Common mistakes are not using the same upper/lower case, or using a path that doesn't start with /

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On 2/17/2022 at 8:06 AM, jeepjester97 said:

Finding this post was exactly what I needed!  Thank you all for the replies and I am running the latest version of UNRAID and just had the exact thing happen to me with Docker.  I will try the suggested items in this post when I get home this evening.  

Ok so I followed the process within this thread and it worked temporarily. Docker did start and I was able to restore a few of my containers from backup ;Plex, and a few others. However, after I tested them I could not access them again after closing the browser. I rebooted the system and again Docker failed to start.  If anyone could assist on this is would be awesome.  I will have to post my Logs later in the day as I am at work and do not have access to the server. 

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You should really post the entire diagnostics zip file, but it appears that the image is 100% full

Feb 17 21:32:02 UnRaid kernel: blk_update_request: critical space allocation error, dev loop2, sector 75776 op 0x1:(WRITE) flags 0x1800 phys_seg 17 prio class 0

The solution is to delete the image and recreate it


The usual cause of this is improper configuration of the various apps you might have (notably download clients) storing information directly within the docker.img  Multiple entries in the FAQ about the docker image filling up due to configuration issues

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So, here's the problem I am running into.  I have done the removal of the image and configured it to your suggested specs. Then proceed to the previous apps and attempt to install and I get an error. 


[[email protected]:# /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/dynamix.docker.manager/scripts/docker run -d --name='qbittorrentvpn' --net='bridge' --privileged=true -e TZ="America/New_York" -e HOST_OS="Unraid" -e HOST_HOSTNAME="UnRaid" -e HOST_CONTAINERNAME="qbittorrentvpn" -e 'VPN_ENABLED'='yes' -e 'VPN_TYPE'='openvpn' -e 'VPN_USERNAME'='*********' -e 'VPN_PASSWORD'='*********' -e 'LAN_NETWORK'='192.168.***.0/24' -e 'PUID'='99' -e 'PGID'='100' -e 'ENABLE_SSL'='no' -e 'NAME_SERVERS'=',' -e 'UMASK'='002' -e 'HEALTH_CHECK_HOST'='' -e 'HEALTH_CHECK_INTERVAL'='300' -e 'HEALTH_CHECK_SILENT'='1' -e 'INSTALL_PYTHON3'='no' -e 'ADDITIONAL_PORTS'='' -l net.unraid.docker.managed=dockerman -l net.unraid.docker.webui='https://[IP]:[PORT:8080]/' -l net.unraid.docker.icon='' -p '8080:8080/tcp' -p '8999:8999/tcp' -p '8999:8999/udp' -v '/mnt/user/Downloads/':'/downloads':'rw' -v '/mnt/cache/appdata/qbittorrentvpn/':'/config':'rw' --restart unless-stopped 'dyonr/qbittorrentvpn'

Unable to find image 'dyonr/qbittorrentvpn:latest' locally
docker: Error response from daemon: error creating temporary lease: write /var/lib/docker/containerd/daemon/io.containerd.metadata.v1.bolt/meta.db: read-only file system: unknown.
See 'docker run --help'.

On all the apps I had installed.  So I figured I'd just go remove them all from the full cache drive manually but it's saying I do not have permissions to do so I need "permission from UNRAID/"nobody".  I have attached the latest Log from today.

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I attempted to run a few VMs in the past but never did anything with them and removed everything. I am using a Win machine to access the file shares and have looked at the data in the "appdata" location.  It's Qbit that caused the build up, all the downloaded files over the past year have filled the drive [due to my incompetence in config] and now without permission to remove the files I'm kinda in a rock and a hard place.  Is there a command or config you would suggest I use to clear that "downloads" folder?  I'll just rebuild it. [Correctly this time]  and thank you for your expertise and assistance.


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Best option right now is to specify explicit permissions for the folder involved


chmod 0777 -R /mnt/user/appdata/qbit/downloads

You'll have to adjust the path accordingly.


Do not simply specify /mnt/user/appdata.  Odds are good that you'll impact the ability of the various apps to start back up again with the same appdata

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