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Just few questions...


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Just few questions...


1. In version 4, in tab "Settings" we had:

Share security: Simple / User Level


Version 5 switched me to "User level" security without asking, and

I can't seem to find the place for switching back to "Share level" security.

Am I missing something obvious?



2. In version 4, in tab "Shares" we had:

User shares: Disabled / Enabled


Looks like in version 5 "User shares" are enabled by defaut. (I never used them before)

After the upgrade I was surprised to see gazillion "new" folders listed on my server.

How can I disable "User shares" altogether?  (I could in version 4)



3. My Disk shares are not showing.

 Edit: I found the solution:  I had to go and manually re-enable them one by one.


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There no longer is a 'Share Level' value, hence why I suggested reading the Security Overview to see what works best for you. You now have an Export mode of 'No', 'Yes', or 'Hidden', and then a choice of security mode of 'Public', 'Secure', or 'Private'.


To disable the User Shares, I think you'd want to use "Export=No" for each share.


Navigation path is:

Shares Tab,

- {Click on the Share Name}

-- Security Settings, Edit

--- Export select 'No'.




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Currently from what I can see, you'd have to make a gazillion changes via navigation, :(


This is why it's an early access beta. Hopefully there will be a 'change all' before a final 5.0 is released.


If you're feeling adventurous, you could write a sed script to set the shareExport value in /boot/config/shares/*.cfg. That's the only mass way I can see it working.



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Right, no more 'Share' level or 'User' level security.  Now 'pubic', 'secure', and 'private'.  The 'public' security mode should function exactly like the old 'Share' level security.  Let me know if it doesn't.


As for user shares being enabled automatically... yes I need to add a control for this, didn't make it into -beta1.

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My last post was very much to the pont.  Why did you delete it? 

It is the third time you've done such a thing, so I am no longer interested in participating in your forum.

Please delete my account.



Sorry about that, I accidentally deleted that last post in trying to move it to the proper forum, so I just moved your original question.

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