Some or all files unprotected


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Why do all my User Shares show an orange triangle next to them which when hovered shows "Some or all files unprotected".  I have invoked the Mover and it still says it.


Any thoughts?



There's still files on the cache drive. You can browse the cache drive via the UI to see what's still on there. Or you don't have a parity drive


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7 minutes ago, Rudeboy42 said:

Like @rctneil, I too run Mover regularly and have a cache drive.  but I still see lots of file and folders in the cache drive that haven't moved in months.  What do I do if I find files that are still there?

I would suggest that you give examples of the paths to such files and provide a copy of your system’s diagnostics zip file so we can see how this relates to your chosen settings

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I have a win10 VM as my daily driver and use it for games so speed is somewhat a consideration.  Would it be a huge issue to have domain set to PREFER (lose redundancy I assume) or should I have it set to YES (hope it crashes while on the array).  I've considered just copying the image over to the array on a weekly basis.


  Is this even an issue as all my files / docs/downloads are stored on the array and I'd just have to install a base os and remap to them.

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