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User Share Settings vs unRAID Manual (SOLVED)


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unRAID v6.5.3


The unRAID user manual under shares shows fields for "valid users", "invalid users", and "exceptions".  What happened to these settings?


Also, in the shares settings on the right hand side there are two drop down menus in each of the settings groups (Share Settings, AFP Security Settings, SMB Security Settings, SMB User Access) that show "read settings from" and "write settings to".  What are the "read settings from" and "write settings to" used for?


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3 minutes ago, remotevisitor said:

Have you tried turning on the help (button near top right of page ) when on that smb settings page as the setting have brief descriptions in the help?

The issue is that the manual shows "valid users", "invalid users", and "exceptions", but these are not options within share settings.


And "read settings from" and "write settings to" are visible in share settings but the help function does not provide help for them.

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Strange.   My help describes them as the very first thing in the help:



Read settings from is used to preset the SMB security settings of the current selected share with the settings of an existing share.

Select the desired share name and press Read to copy the SMB security settings from the selected source.


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22 minutes ago, Squid said:

Like every other project in the world, documentation always lags behind.


The help text however tends to be up to date (but not always)


The copy to / copy from are for copying the share settings from one share to another


Thanks, Squid.

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21 minutes ago, remotevisitor said:

Strange.   My help describes them as the very first thing in the help:



You are correct!  I went back and looked at mine, showing the same thing.  For some reason, it didn't jump out at me.  Thanks for pointing it out for me.

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