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unRaid GUI boot mode, blank screen?

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I have booted into GUI mode once before for troubleshooting so I know this configuration should be working. I haven't done any upgrades to hardware or unRaid itself since then but now when I tried to boot into the unRaid GUI, all I get is a blank black screen on the server machine itself. Any ideas?

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Is the server actually booting up in the normal mode?  If that is the case, Start with this threads:





and then go on to this one:





If this does not fix it, describe what you see on the see as the server boots up.  Can we safely assume that the server is working aside from this issue?  Guess what I am trying to say is that we don't want to be looking for a solution to a 'problem' when the actual cause is something completely different.  


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6.9.1 i am now unable to use the GUI on Screen! Server's are up and running but screen is totally black, Signal is being received but nothing. I am able to log into the 2 but the other 2 i am trying to set up its going to be a pain in the arse or i have to set ip on flash. Is there a reason for it? Prior to 6.9.1 i was running the final beta and it worked ok so its since Stable iv noticed. We have the screens on most of the time its not a must but easier for the lads to monitor 

Any ideas 





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On 3/17/2021 at 11:17 AM, Joseph said:

I had the same problem.. seems the culprit was an NVIDA driver plugin that was installed awhile back. Deleted that and now it's back.... hope this helps.

It definitely has something to do with the driver.  I deleted the old drivers from the "plugins-removed" folder and rebooted but the issue remained.  I then removed the current and up-to-date driver and rebooted and it launched the GUI without any issues.  I reinstalled the driver from the OS GUI and it installed without any issue as well, but as soon as I rebooted the system the problem returned.

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