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Cannot access unraid in file explorer


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I've recently converted my drives to encrypted xfs.  Now I can't access any of my shares in Win10 file explorer.  This could be a windows problem and I wouldn't think the conversion could cause the problem.  At this point it's hard to tell.  According to Win diagnostics (yes, I know, not a good tool to use) Unraid is refusing my conection.  I can ping it, and access IU via IE.


If I'm missing something, please let me know

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2 hours ago, genie137 said:

In what way are you unable to access your shares? Is it refusing your credentials or not connecting at all?

It's not connecting at all.  I tried opening a share through file explorer and I get the error "The network path was not found.  As you can see from the attachment I can ping the server but can't access it to add files.

can't reach unraid from file explorer.JPG

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