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I just built a new server and now I am having issues staying connected to the internet. I have been trying to figure this out for two weeks now. It's no tell how long the sever will stay up but it will not last longer than 24 hours before losing connection. I have changed the ip several time and went extreme taking it to someone else network and still having same issue. Do anyone have a clue what could be happening. This is what I seen after I lost connection 


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3 minutes ago, trurl said:

Are you booting in GUI mode?

Is that why you posted a photo of your syslog? If you are in GUI mode, the next time it happens go to Tools - Diagnostics and get the diagnostics. Then shut down and put your flash in your PC and get the diagnostics zip off the flash drive and post it. We need diagnostics when the problem occurs.

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You keep talking about losing connection with the internet, but I thought we had established that it has actually lost all network connectivity. Which is it? If it is really all network connectivity then quit saying internet. It is very confusing and makes me wonder which problem you have. As I said, no internet is not the same problem as no network at all, and these different problems will have different solutions. Do you know the difference between the internet and your network?

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1 minute ago, ltjr873 said:

My network stops working I apologize for the confusion. 

Please clarify further.

So the network connection to unraid goes down, but you are still able to type in the local console? What message is returned if you try to ping your router's IP address on the local console of unraid?

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When net work goes down I can not lose anything at all I have to reboot the system because everything is frozen up... once I reboot the system it works fine for a short time  as in any time from 15min up to about 24 hours. It's never the same. Do you think it can be the usb flash drive.

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18 minutes ago, ltjr873 said:

When net work goes down I can not lose anything at all I have to reboot the system because everything is frozen up...

Model name:          AMD Ryzen 7 1800X Eight-Core Processor

You might consider disabling C-States in your BIOS, and possibly running zenstates




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