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So, this is an odd request. But hear me out. I’d love to see wi-fi support on Unraid. Reason why is because there are times especially in rented accommodation where you are given the internet as you don’t own it so if like me there are no ethernet ports then though. As the wi-fi routers don’t have a WPS push option, so I can’t get an ethernet to wi-fi adapter that connects via WPS button. I have tried to bridge the ethernet to a laptop. However, it is much slower and unreliable than on normal wi-fi. I know ethernet is much faster and more reliable. Yes, if there was an ethernet port then I could connect via an ethernet cable. I know some people are like “what wi-fi? It’s a server”. Yes, I can see that. But try bringing your server to my rented accommodation block, and you will find your server is as much use, as a chocolate firefighter because of no ethernet, or WPS push on the routers.



So, adding wi-fi support should be ok to do. But how it could be baked into Unraid is a simple idea.

The wi-fi option could be on the Unraid boot screen at the very bottom under “boot Unraid in safe mode with no plugins” as the name “wi-fi settings”.

If you select it, you get a list of wi-fi names that your wi-fi adapter can pick up. Which you select by using the arrow keys and the enter button.

Then if the wi-fi connection is protected, you then have a popup to enter in your password.

If connected successfully, a message appears saying “connected successfully”.

You then go back to the Unraid boot menu and select the boot Unraid option as normal.

You could design it so that it looks a bit like the Manjaro architect wi-fi selection tool.


Please consider adding this feature as it would make Unraid much more enjoyable in my rented accommodation, and my Unraid machine would not be sitting under my bed, collecting dust just because of 1 simple missing feature.

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Not to belittle your request, but a for now solution. You could always use something like a Ubiquity Nanoststion M to establish a wireless bridge to your own switch, or just plug the secondary port of the Nanoststion directly into the UnRaid NIC. The Nanostation M is only gonna be good for up to 150 mbps so you may want to look more at using something like a Unify AP instead. Not sure if they have the same capability but you could research it. I have a spare around here I could do some testing with if you need me to.


I do know that you cannot use a Nanostation AC to do this.


Something even more simple is the range extenders / bridges that have a port built in but I have very little experience with that stuff. I have used ubiquity products with much success.


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Wifi options and settings would be great
I have to make a VM and passthrough wifi adapter, that way I have a wifi hotspot. That is all the VM is created for and all that it does, kinda a waste of resources on the computer. It could be fixed by having wifi support in unraid itself.

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Just thinking the other day that Wifi support would be awesome. I would use unraid to replace my normal desktop environment more easily allowing multi-boot flexibility.

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I know the threw put would be slower and there are lots of other arguments not to use WiFi for a server but for some the benefits of placing the server in locations where Ethernet is not practical or not possible would be nice.  My little brother hasn't set up his unRAID server because of the WiFi problem.  I know there are ways around it, WiFi to Ethernet adapters and the such but the ability for someone to just put WiFi in the case would be nice.

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