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I'm getting what looks like a drive error filling up my log but I'm not well versed in this sort of thing. I attached the log but this is generally what I'm seeing: Nov  9 21:57:25 unraid kernel: BTRFS error (device sdb1): bdev /dev/sdc1 errs: wr 27433770, rd 21055357, flush 348255, corrupt 0, gen 0. It was all on the 9th and nothing beyond. Either it fixed itself or the log was full (which I was told it was full). Can someone help me.


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Diagnostics are always preferred over syslogs.  I'm the not btrfs guy, so will leave that to others, but

Nov  8 08:18:33 unraid emhttpd: Unraid(tm) System Management Utility version 6.6.4

You need to update to 6.6.5.  On 6.6.4, no scheduled tasks run (no notifications, etc)

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1 minute ago, johnnie.black said:

You already had a lot of errors before the current boot, so it will likely happen again.

I took a look at the main page of my server and just noticed I only have one cache drive but should have two. It's not showing up anywhere else so I guess it is either a cable issue or the fact I bought a cheap no-name drive. 

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