New HDD failing Preclear (Solved)

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I'm relativly new to Unraid. 

I started with a 2tb drive, then added two 4tb drive, preclearing, and then assigning one as parity. 

This worked fine, and as it was filling up, I've bought a couple of new 6tb drives.


I've connected up one of them and run a preclear, which has failed. I ran an extended smart test, and it comes back clean. 


This is really just to check I'm right in wanting to return the drive. And to ask what people tend to return it as? (how to word the fact that it's failed etc)



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The syslog snippet you posted earlier makes me think you probably didn't have a good connection to the disk and that is the reason the preclear couldn't complete. But that snippet doesn't appear in your diagnostics because you rebooted.


On the other hand, the disk has several pending sectors and shouldn't be used in your array like that. You could try additional preclears (after checking connections) to see if you can get the pending sectors reallocated.


On the third hand, another user says these particular model of drives sometimes have false alarms about pending sectors.

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I've changed the sata cable, made sure it all looks good on the connection front. 
Rerun the preclear, but same issue. 

I've run a quick smart test, comes back clean. 

I'm now in the process of running an extended. 


I've reattached the diagnostics as I'd rebooted after the last failure


any insight you can give is much appreciated!

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