Files space used higher compared to Windows


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1 minute ago, flic said:

Hi there, UNRAID noob here testing this great product and wondering why files take about ~10% more space on XFS then on NTFS ?

Probably not a big deal if only for a few file, but for my 10TB array, thats ~1TB wasted

What evidence do you have that this is happening?    It is not something that anyone else has mentioned previously.

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well, both show TB not TiB...

Windows is right in the calculation of what a TB is: divides by 1KB (1024 bytes), 1MB (1048576 bytes), 1GB (1073741824) and 1TB (1099511627776 bytes)
UNRAID displays the rounding to 1 decimal of the sum of bytes, which is wrong


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8 minutes ago, flic said:

Windows is right in the calculation of what a TB is: divides by 1KB (1024 bytes)

Windows is actually wrong, but as @itimpi said, it is debateabl, but seeing as how every hard drive manufacturers specify sizes  in TB not TiB, that is how OS's should report drive sizes and file sizes which argues for the Windows wrong reporting.



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dunno whos the "i"diot who came out with the "i" in the middle, but thats debatable too...most likely those same drive manufs to avoid law suits...

I learn in college that a KB is 1024 bytes and no ones will make me call it a KiB LOL

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