Which Licens do i need

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i'm new to home-server and unraid.

i tested unraid für around 15 days and i want to buy a licens. in the past i used the http://unraid.category5.tv/ to calculate my array and it shows me the "pro" licens.

but i think the "plus" licens will be enough for me. now i am confused and i need you help.


my setup:


-hpe proliant microserver gen10 x3418 16gb RAM

-IBM ServerRAID M1015 in IT Mode



Parity: WD RED 4TB






Samsung 840 EVO 250GB



Cruzer 16GB



Maybe i will mount a usb drive at some times with Unassigned Devices


At this point i understand, that i have 6 drives + 1or2 USB drives = 8 Devices = "Tier2 Plus Plan" or?


Thanks for your help.

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The boot drive does not count towards the license limit.   Also the attached devices check is applied whenever you start the array, so any removable drives that will only be plugged in later can be ignored.   On that basis you might get away with the Basic license.   However if the USB drives are going to be left plugged in you would be exceeding the limits on the Basic license so going for the Plus one feels sensible and would also give you some headroom for growth.

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