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Hi guys


I plan to test unRAID on my home server however the server that I will be testing it on currently has VMware esxi running with my pfsense vm. My question is am I able to run unRAID with full functionality without it having access to the internet until I set up pfsense with a VM using unRAID?

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2 hours ago, itimpi said:

Just to elaborate slightly on the previous answer, a paid license does NOT require internet access.

Thanks for clarification. It would be better if it was clearly stated in a very obvious manner beforehand when you're on the trial. I just went through a long power outage and while hypervisors (an thus domain controllers were too) I had no DNS so I tried getting into my unRAID test server to find this offputting message. I had set it up considerably as a media management monster by this point so I was undecided if I should continue testing or scratch it.


This is such a relief. :D I have to say, though, I went through some files in the server for some fine tuning to my network, one of those was /etc/hosts and learned unRAID's website's domain name was there already so I find it odd that it didn't obey it; my DCs/DNS might had been down but Internet connectivity wasn't.

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Thanks for the replies I ended up setting up my old unreliable pfsense box then get the unRAID server setup and the pfsense vm up and running. I think the development team should have like a 30 minute grace period before it requires with a paid or trial key for customers out there that run the likes of pfsense in a VM.

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