GigaByte GA7PESH2 & Fan Auto Control

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Hello Everyone,

has anyone figured out how to get Fan Auto Control to work on a Gigabyte GA7PESH2?
I've installed the plugin (before installing it I've downloaded and enabled PERL), but no Driver is found.


Through IPMI I get all data from the sensors of the MB. (RAM, CPU, CPU_FAN1, CPU_FAN2, SYS_FAN2 <- where all fans are connected; since there is no SYS_FAN1 on the MB, or atleast not a standard 4pins)


Thanks in advice.

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On 1/9/2020 at 2:19 PM, azzilla said:

Did you get this working? Same issue here

Unfortunately not - still struggling, what about you?

Also I've bought a NZXT GRID PLUS v3, but also this solution isn't perfect since I've installed a W10 VM to control it... but it doesn't "always" work (sometimes fan settings isn't passed).


Maybe someone else has a hint on how to manage fans speeds with this mainboard?
As SVR MB is still a rock and works really good - but this FAN Problem is really annoying (and possibly dangerous).


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