Lost connection on Unraid webgui


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Unrelated but your system share has files on the array. Possibly you enabled dockers and VMs before installing cache so they went to the array where they will take a performance hit due to parity and will keep array disks spinning. We can deal with that later after your more serious problem is addressed.

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hmm, I'm seeing something similar - server is up and running just fine (and had been for a few days) but get a 504 error when loading the webconsole.  Any way to restart that without rebooting?  I'll post diagnostics as soon as I can snag them through ssh.  Is there a command for that? struggling to find it...


Running 6.7.2 (Nvidia) 



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1 hour ago, mbezzo said:

hmm, I'm seeing something similar

I'll probably split your posts and its replies into its own thread so we don't get things mixed up here. In other words so Misjel's thread isn't hijacked.


Often even when someone thinks they have the exact same problem it isn't or at least it has different causes.

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