Secure the login (2fa, fail2ban, ...)

expose the GUI to the internet  

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It would be great if we can expose the GUI easily to the Internet. The major concerns with that ...


- the default user named 'root'
- no 2-FA
- no fail2ban

- ... 


I know there is always a way to get things up and running, but it would be awesome to see this as default options in a future release. so, please add those features as a default to this already great product. 


(I read about that, but its outdated)

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It is easy to set up the WireGuard VPN server on the 6.8.3 version of Unraid to give you secure access to the Unraid GUI from then internet.   More than this might be desirable, but at the very least users should be using a VPN solution for accessing the Unraid GUI from the internet.

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Oh ok, thats easy. I found that guide for all of you who would like to give that solution a try. I can easy set up a VPN in my unifi controller... but I guess it is way more user friendly to access the server via a subdomain for example. From the security point of view, that should not be a huge problem with the mentioned provisions.

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@odiby It's always a bad idea to expose your server directly to the internet. We had a couple people already in the forums which thought it is a good idea to place there servers in a DMZ, no extra firewall or security features of their routers active. And what happened was they got bombarded with thousands of login attempts, flooding the logs, crashing the server.  Even with whitlists for accesing the server or 2FA the servers will be flooded with traffic from unknown sources. With no extra infrastructure you won't be able to prevent this from happening. Best practise is to use a vpn to access your data and with wireguard and openvpn you have all the tools you need.

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