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Thanks for the quick answer.

I tried both, connecting over Servername and IP.

While trying to connect to http://nas I land on some webhosting site, when trying to connect to I get an timeout.

Yes both my pc and my unraid server are on 192.168.2.X

I was using an Sandisk ultra fit 32gb, I was not able to write to the stick with the installer Program.

Also after using the Manuel mode, I did not get an ip assigned. After setting a static IP in the network config I got an 169 IP.


Tried to install the image onto another stick, this one was found in the unraid installer, but it also did not get an assigned ip over dhcp.
After setting a static IP in the network config on this stick aswell, I did get the internal IP I set.

Now I am not able to access the webui


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Installed Windows to see if the network port even work. After installing the driver I was able to connect to the internet.

Also rewrote unraid to one stick, dhcp was still not working, after setting an static IP I cloud still not ping anything.

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19 hours ago, Simon01 said:

Are there stability concerns on 6.9 or is it better to buy an supported pcie nic and run 6.8?

The safe answer is you shouldn't be deploying beta on any production server. Beta is meant for testing only.


The anecdotal answer is I'm running 6.9.0-beta25 on my production server with no issue at all.


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