• webgui: Highlight selected row when hovering over array or shares

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    Can this be made optional in display settings.


    Looks strange on Dashboard for some panels.



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    All panels.  Everything on the dashboard has highlights when moving the mouse, but the lists only highlight every other one.


    That being said, I actually don't mind the highlight on the dashboard IF it highlighted everything instead of every other line, and on the VM / Docker sections only highlighted the app in question, not the whole panel

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    The release of rc4 felt in between PRs for highlighting.

    In the latest PR highlighting is done by changing the font color instead of the background, this is less intrusive. Also dashboard should not show highlighting, this was unintentional in the earlier PR.


    See the latest version of the Dynamix File Manager to see the intended highlighting in action.

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    Ya I really like the highlighting on other pages like shares and main, but on the dashboard it looks pretty odd and feels clumsy to me.

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    I think it's my fault that this was introduced ;-)


    Only those pages/lists, that do have activity buttons at the end (Main, Shares, File Manager) and/or have a checkbox in the front, should toggle the background color IMHO. I know the list design has alternating backgrounds already, but these lists grew in content and details so that it is hard to find the correct button at the end.


    I was fine with the old design up until File Manager and it's button was introduced. I never used the old button and used MC on the command line instead. Now with File Manager I changed my mind and I'm using File Manager a lot. That's when I found that I have a hard time hitting the correct button on the far right.


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    53 minutes ago, hawihoney said:

    I think it's my fault that this was introduced ;-)


    But your idea was good, thanks :)

    Unfortunately I changed my mind how I wanted to do this, and rc4 was released in between the changes I made.

    All will good in the next version.

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    53 minutes ago, TeroS said:

    Could the updated css with fix be released separately, next release is a long time away anyway?

    You could install rc3 if you dont need any rc4 fixes etc.

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    7 hours ago, TeroS said:

    Could the updated css with fix be released separately, next release is a long time away anyway?

    I don't believe that RC5 is that far away.  It's a display aberration that doesn't affect any functionality at all.

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