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  1. Ok, So I bought a APC Battery Back-UPS, 675VA, It's got a USB data port, but it's now not being detected. Tried pretty much every possible combo of settings. 😕 https://www.samsclub.com/p/apc-battery-back-ups-675va/prod20142192
  2. It would be a nice to have since this location sustains power outages pretty often. I'm thinking of having them buy another smaller UPS with a USB port just so unraid can detect power outages and do a graceful shutdown as required.
  3. It's apparently not. I'm the admin for the server, but not on site as it's my client's server. Here's the photos:
  4. I have an older UPS with a serial only connection and I have a USB to serial port adapter which seams to be recognized by unraid on /dev/ttyS0. Any idea on how to configure the UPS Settings? I've tried pretty much every combo. https://www.cyberpowersystems.com/product/ups/smart-app-lcd/cps1500avr/#tab-additional_information
  5. One last thing, I had to manually stop the docker which was using that NFS mount: docker stop DockerName
  6. Also have to manually remove the NFS mount: umount -l -f /mnt/disks/NFS_Share
  7. I was having the same problem wit hthe GUI locking up after an NFS server went down that my unraid box connected to. Fixed it with: /etc/rc.d/rc.nginx restart /etc/rc.d/rc.nginx reload /etc/rc.d/rc.php-fpm restart /etc/rc.d/rc.php-fpm reload
  8. worked for me, my mover has been running for 4 days straight without actually moving any files and my cache is full now. stopped and manually cleared some files to give it some breathing room and re-ran mover.
  9. Sorry for the really late reply. I'm running a ryzen 3950x on a Asus strix x570 gamer E. This is my syslinux config: kernel /bzimage append vfio-pci.ids=1912:0015,8086:2723 pcie_acs_override=downstream,multifunction isolcpus=5-15,21-31 vfio_iommu_type1.allow_unsafe_interrupts=1 initrd=/bzroot SR-IOV is enabled in the bios.
  10. I'm have the same problem with my Asus Rog Strix x570-E Gaming + 3950X. Latest bios, unraid 6.8.3. Perl installed via nerd tools, it detects the same driver above (same form running sensors-detect from ssh), but no actual probes found. Would love to monitor temps...
  11. It doesn't actually give me a breakdown because I still have $170ish in credit from my $300 free trial credits for signing up. The esitmator says $4.50/month though. You do have to change the type over to archival, and if you have many small files and don't do it in one big upload (i.e. many restarts), then you pay easily $60-100 in API calls (for each file, checking date/size comparison for cloudberry to compare if needs to be re-uploaded or not). But once you get it uploaded, it looks like it should be under $5/month moving forward. And with that $300 free credit, you basically get 4 years worth of backup, though I think the credits might expire after 1 year, so just 1 year free maybe? I'll let you know next year
  12. I just wanted to give an update with my situation, I was never able to get crashplan to fully back up my 4M+ files (~3.5 TB). Not only did the upload end up being capped at ~10mbps vs my 30mbps full upload, but the VM latency issues extended beyond the single main VM to all 4 gaming VMs. I ended up spending $30 for a license for Cloudberry Linux (on the app store, free 30 day trial) and setting up cloud backs with google datastore archival class for ~$5/month in fees (vs $10 for crashplan). I also really like Cloudberry's retention and versioning features and it's encryption and data compression seems to be very robust. I use it to back up locally to a fireproof USB drive as well. The docker uses less ram & CPU than crashplan's.
  13. This worked great! I used a custom IP.
  14. What's crazy is I just upgraded from a 8700K to a 3950X. I found that my overclocked 3950x @ 4.3ghz runs a 8 vcore VM with nearly the same performance as the full 12 vcore 8700K non-VM. All ofthe docker apps work great, minus CrashPlanPro which I'm still having a weird issue with, probably not hardware related however. Here's my build: https://www.bryanvine.com/2020/02/unraid-my-venture-into-virtualized.html
  15. While I still haven't figured out the root of the issue, I'm seeing that performance now lasts a little longer, 25-45 minutes before it starts to get choppy. My workaround currently is using a user script to restart the docker every 30 minutes. At least stuff is getting backed up still and I can work/game for the most part without issue.
  16. I'm not 100% sure it is a CPU latency issue, but the mouse gets all jerky and gaming FPS drops from 100+ to under 15 with major breaks between bursts of good performance. And audio starts clipping really bad, despite already having the MSI interupt values set (HDMI audio from the GPU) I mean it's almost like the docker is trying to use some of it's cores, despite them being isolated. Again, it's only happening to one of the 4 gaming GPU pass through VMs, which is what's really confusing me. If it was all of them, then that would make more sense, but just one and not until a solid 10-25 minutes after backups have been running does it start to get bad.
  17. My main gaming VM experiences latency issues after about 15 minutes of the crashplanpro docker running and backing up my ~12TB array. The docker itself only eats up about 3gb (I gave it 16G in config) of ram, but it spawns a bunch of threads (/usr/local/crashplan/bin/CrashPlanService) that are asking for 29gb virtual. I tried installing a dedicated xfs formatted swap drive using the swapdisk plug in, but it's not even using it. The host has 64gb of ram, my main VM running experiencing the issue has 20gb allocated All dockers and VM's combined use 58gb (including crashplanpro). As soon as I stop the docker, the threads go away and the problem resolves. And when I start it back up, again it takes about 5-25 minutes for the problems to start again. The other 3 VM's which have GPU pass through as well don't experience any issues, only the main one. Also, I do have my datasets broken down into 4 groups that run in order: 49gb - system, crashplan config, and ISOs - backups up find 3.6TB - data file shares - finished 450gb still running which is where the problems arise. 300gb - Dockers & VMs (qcow2 files on btrfs) - never backed up 8.5TB - media files - never backed up Diag attached, thanks in advance for any help! unraid-diagnostics-20200219-1901.zip
  18. So I had to rebuild my dockers due to cache pool corruption and now I'm having the same issue, though I don't have any more NTFS drives. My issue is now my crashplanpro docker service.
  19. Spaceinvaderone's video answered my questions about VM using unassigned devices.
  20. I'm able to recovery smaller files, but all VM img files are corrupted. No "real" data loss, just a few dozen of hours of work Does unraid support running VMs from a unassigned drive? I don't think I want to keep VMs on the cache pool moving forward. This is the second time BTRFS has resulted in data loss for me, I think I might run my VMs and dockers on xfs drives individually.
  21. I'm getting an error trying to mount: #mount -o degraded,usebackuproot,ro /dev/nvme0n1p1 mount: /dev/nvme0n1p1: can't find in /etc/fstab.
  22. Is there any way I can mount the 3 other drives and try to pull data off them?
  23. check disk returns: No valid Btrfs found on /dev/sdg1 ERROR: cannot open file system Opening filesystem to check...