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  1. Mine has a few more lines, though most autopopulated. I chose the Berlin endpoint, that's all I needed to manually edit: [Interface] Address = *[redacted]* PrivateKey = *[redacted]* PostUp = '/root/wireguardup.sh' PostDown = '/root/wireguarddown.sh' [Peer] PublicKey = *[redacted]* AllowedIPs = Endpoint = de-berlin.privacy.network:1337 Forgot to say, I'm running rTorrentvpn, not Delugevpn, but the vpn config info should be pretty much the same (as far as I know)
  2. OK, so rebooted and got the diagnostic. The log mentions installing the plugins, but I don't know if that's normal or not. Plugins section don't show them as anonymous anymore... but going into that section takes a few seconds (roughly 8 seconds), whereas before it was pretty much instant. odin-diagnostics-20210310-1520.zip
  3. Yes, all my containers are still running, & the GUI is accessible, too. I can't get the diagnostic, though. In the GUI, it hangs on "downloading..." & in terminal, I get this: /usr/bin/php: error while loading shared libraries: libgssapi_krb5.so.2: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory I've not rebooted yet, was hesitant in case it made things worse.
  4. I've just had an issue, which seems to have been caused through trying to update some packages in the NerdTools plugin (although, I can't be usre this is what the cause is)... This shows whenever I go to Settings > Nerd Pack now & it just loops whenever I click Download. In the Plugins section, this is also now showing: I've tried removing & reinstalling the nerd pack plugin, but made no difference. Can anyone help?
  5. See the recommended post at top
  6. Awesome, 6.9.0 > 6.9.1 done. All seems to be running as expected. Thanks again!
  7. Just updated from 6.8.3 > 6.9 with no issues (so far).
  8. Just upgraded 6.8.3 > 6.9.0 with no issues so far. Everything seems to be running as it was, took less than 5 minutes. Removed the edited go file config for hw transcoding, then un-blacklisted the intel driver with touch /boot/config/modprobe.d/i915.conf Tested Plex and it's using hw transcoding fine. For something I was absolutely bricking it to pull the trigger on, it was absolutely seamless and hardly seems worth the fear now🤣 Cheers!
  9. haha yeah that's it. I can't remember setting the proxy manually in radarr/sonarr tbh, so I must've done it a long time ago & never had a reason to change it before now. All working fine now though 🙂
  10. Can I check - is the privoxy/port 8118 not able to be used with the iptable tightening now? I used the same proxy settings on radarr/sonarr and the indexers were failing in them until I removed it. I'm not entirely sure I need the proxy on them, tbh, when the indexer traffic is being routed through the vpn on rTorrent, but just wondering if this is what's affecting it.
  11. Think it's fixed now - for some reason, I had the proxy settings set to use the rTorrent/privoxy port 8118 in my jackett settings. I removed that, since it's routing through the container anyway and it's fine now. Cheers again!
  12. Yeah I've restarted jackett a couple of times, but still failing.
  13. Strange, all my indexers are failing now 😕
  14. Awesome, sorted! I assume this is the case, but just to double check: am I ok to delete the manual key I created for jackett to run through it, now that it's in the additional_ports? Edit: Oops, tried it and it broke again. Sorted once I added it back 🤣 Cheers binhex!