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  1. Hey, I just got the below message when clicking the Apps tab. Tried on Brave, Chrome & Firefox with CA plugin version 2022.03.13 Something really wrong went on during get_content Post the ENTIRE contents of this message in the Community Applications Support Thread OS: 6.9.2 Browser: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/99.0.4844.51 Safari/537.36 Language: No data was returned. It is probable that another browser session has rebooted your server. Reloading this browser tab will probably fix this error Reloading doesn't work, I'm not signed in anywhere else & my server hasn't rebooted today. Edit: added CA debugging Edit2: ....& it's back. I didn't do anything else, so not sure what happened CA-Logging-20220314-1558.zip
  2. I had this & had to update the plugins from the Settings > Plug ins > Install Plug in menu, to make sure an available update was recognised as being available. The main 'Plugins' page said they were up to date, but once I done that & they updated, everything scanned & started doing what it does without issue.
  3. I've just updated with minimal reconfiguration, but on a less technical level: thanks for dark mode!
  4. Nope, I've been on the 4.3.9-2-01 tag since the whole thing with the paths
  5. This is how mine is configured, which works for me: In Sonarr, my 'Settings -> Download Client' option has Qbittorrent with the option at the bottom enabled to do this: Then in Qbittorrent, Settings > Bittorrent, I've set the seed limit to:
  6. Have you tried the steps in the link below to try recovering?
  7. Same here. Worth noting that I followed the link in the post below before I updated & went up to step 14 without seeing any errors. Not sure if that's an indicator of how the migration is likely to go or just coincidence. From sounds of things, I would've expected some errors during the process at some point if the db was corrupt in any way.
  8. I don't remember ever doing it manually, other than first creating my custom docker network, but I obviously have at some point. Just thought it was odd since the Docker Auto Update Settings was the only place it seems to be listed. Cheers, Squid
  9. I've had this before, I think it's fairly common. For the missing keys, run the terminal for the nextcloud container in the Docker page (not the general unraid terminal option on the top right corner) and type 'occ db:add-missing-primary-keys' which should sort that. For the phone region, there's a great video here to edit your config file: I'm not sure on the others, I think the X-Frame-Options can be solved in your reverse proxy config - but don't quote me on that one, I may be remembering that one wrong.
  10. I was going through my autoupdate list & noticed a weird container listed, called 'nostalgic_pike': I've no idea what it was for, seems to not actually be there/installed anymore but I can't find a way to remove it. Never heard of the name before, can't find even a repo with that name. Previously installed apps don't show anything either... Anyone seen this before or know where to look to remove it? Edit: Forgot to say, too, that nothing shows in Cleanup Appdata either.
  11. I *think* this is the docker image space/size, not your actual share folder.
  12. Thanks guys, will give it a go tomorrow. Think I was expecting a full file name instead of a wildcard type, like you’ve said @Mystic. I was rummaging through the dirs earlier looking for a file ending .env or something 😄 Edit: That's it working now, thanks again folks!
  13. Thanks for this, wondered what was up with Heimdall! I don't understand what you mean by this part, though, could you dumb it down a little for me, please? I'm not seasoned with modifying things through the terminal this way.
  14. No worries, thanks for the help Edit: After a few minutes, all the indexers appeared in Radarr & Sonarr, in case anyone has the same "issue". Seems my impatience was the source of that one, though!
  15. Awesome, thanks, adding the ignored address seems to have done the trick! Just t check as well, will Prowlarr auto add any indexers into radarr/sonarr? Some have appeared, but not all. Does it periodically check for new ones and add them?
  16. Hey - I've moved over to this & having a little issue. I've got it set up, added Radarr/Sonarr & Qbit VPN (all your containers), but when I tell Prowlarr to use the proxy, I can't connect to Qbittorrent. Radarr & Sonarr still connect, though, & all my indexers test OK which some don't when proxy is off. Can't quite figure out where I'm going wrong, tried testing Firefox on a different machine on the LAN to check the proxy was working, which it is. Any nudges in the right direction would be appreciated... (didn't provide any info on the mappings as I wasn't 100% sure if it was Prowlarr or Qbit, but if anything is needed let me know)
  17. Strange, I've literally just dealt with this about an hour ago (it was sitting at around 40Gig!). I used the unraid terminal to delete the numbered folder, & it's contents, in the Sync+ directory. Wasn't sure if just deleting the Sync+ folder would make a difference, but decided to just keep it and delete everything in it. So far, no issues.
  18. Yep, UPnP was enabled. So, I'd already set the port forward manually... I just didn't think to try completing the set up & seeing if it worked anyway. That error made me fixate on it; however, it's set up & connecting fine. Thanks for the nudge, not sure why the UPnP client isn't playing ball with my router, but it works!
  19. Trying to set this up & encountering an issue with UPnP/port forwarding. I'm getting the remark "UPnP: forwarding not set" & "The Local endpoint resolves to xx.xx.xx.xx. In most cases, this should be your public WAN IPv4 instead: xx.xx.xx.xx", where xx.xx.xx.xx show my correct public IP, on both mentions in the message. This is the port forward on my router: & it also shows UPnP is enabled: I'm using DuckDNS & it's working fine for other services, but this just doesn't seem to change. I've also set the "Local gateway uses UPnP" setting to both yes & no, with no change. When set to No, it shows "Remark: configure your router with port forwarding of port 51820/UDP to" instead of "UPnP not set" & when set to yes, it just says the message as above. I don't have anything special/complex going on in terms of my network, so not entirely sure what's going on. Anyone any pointers?
  20. Getting the same thing here, can't see anything in the syslog either. Possibly the update itself?
  21. That’s weird, I checked the language thing & Chrome was set to ‘English’ in there, too. I changed it to ‘English (UK)’ and removed any other variant, relaunched but still the same behaviour. However, I’d gone to the ‘Manage extensions’ setting, as I’d realised I had more than the 2 I’d mentioned before (they were hidden, instead of displaying on the toolbar, so slipped my mind) Disabled them and the search started working. Enabled them one by one, but it worked each time. So I’m not sure which one was interfering, but it seems one of them was. If this behaviour starts again, I’ll disable one at a time & check again, but it seems to be working again for now. Cheers
  22. Updated to latest version of CA & getting new behaviour, when searching, in this pop up error message: Here's the console errors: Edit: Forgot to add CA debugging log CA-Logging-20210516-1832.zip
  23. Search doesn't work at all. Autocomplete will show things as I type, but hitting enter, or clicking on one of the autocomplete options, does nothing.