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  1. I'm not sure about that as I can change the files on the dedicated server I have running directly in an ubuntu server without them being overridden. I only have this issue with the container. Nevertheless, the container works out the box and that is appreciated. Guess I'll just wait until the devs make the tweaks default. Thanks.
  2. I see what you're saying however there are recommended tweaks that help multiplayer performance that can / should be applied to the server too if clients have them configured. For some reason the container is overriding manually set files, that is my main issue.
  3. Ah yes, that would help! Sorry; I'm trying to edit the Engine.ini, Game.ini and Scalability.ini files in Satisfactory server. I'm trying to change the values recommended on the wiki. https://satisfactory.fandom.com/wiki/Multiplayer#Engine.ini
  4. Validation is off and yes, the container is stopped when editing.
  5. Another question I have is, I'm trying to update .ini files inside the server config folder and the are overridden ever container restart. I've tried chown to root and also making the files read only, they still get overridden. Is there a way for me to change these and prevent them from changing?? Thanks again.
  6. Thanks for the info, and I understand why. I have however, decided to trial a userscript I come across; so far I think it'll be enough for my needs. Thanks again for the container!
  7. Hi guys, is the Container Variable: UPDATE_CHECK available for Satisfactory like it is for Valheim?
  8. Welp; update went smoothly, however, I am now locked out of the web gui after upgrading my cert. Browser is forcing the url to https://ip6.[hash].myunraid.net Note, this isnt short for my actual ipv6 address it is redirecting to exactly that "ip6". Anyone else got this?
  9. G'day all, does anyone know if there are any tweaks that should be made to the .ini files on the satisfactory dedicated server for better performance? Mainly for network. But happy for all suggestions. PS: Thanks for all the effort you give to unraid @ich777
  10. I'm in the same boat. I've had a few commands from CubeCoders (speaking on reddit) but none have seemed to work. EDIT: Just fixed it. Make sure not to be on the nightly release then run: ampinstmgr --nocache upgradeall
  11. Hey @SpaceInvaderOne thankyou for all the videos you make! I'm having an issue when trying to connect via the proxy where I get: 502 Bad Gateway. I have followed the video step-by-step and have the same setup for swag as yourself (swag on proxynet, guacamole on custom ip) Would you have an idea of why I am getting this error? Thanks again!