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  1. I figured as much, I guess that is to be expected since the game is still Early Access. My Appdata is on Prefer Cache and should have plenty of space.
  2. The Valheim server I'm running have encountered a few issues. Two times now we have experienced that the game isn't saved, so when we start up again we are missing a few hours of game play. Is there something I can do about that? I also see that the backups seems to have stopped, all my backups are from the 28.02.
  3. Is there an easy way for me to find my external Valheim server ip adress so people can join via that?
  4. Tried rebooting and still an empty folder I guess there's no hope then?
  5. I checked now, it says No under cache for my backups share.
  6. I experience a corruption of my SSD cache drive and after failed attempts to retrieve the data I formatted the drive. I hoped the backup plugin would save me, but it only says "No Backup Sets Found". I used the spaceinvader guide to set it up a while ago and I see the folder with the usb backup does contain data. The appdata backup however has a folder "2021-02-17@04.00", but it's empty. Does that mean there is no hope and I have no backup? I didn't think about it when I setup the plugin originally since the Spaceinvader guide doesn't motion it so I left it on default, but "Delete backups if they are this many days old" is set to 1. Does that mean it automatically deleted the backup after 24 hours?
  7. Great, thank you! Thinking back to when this all started Plex was the first docker to start acting strange. Eventually the problem escalated to other dockers as well and based on solutions given to people with similar problems I deleted the docker image file and reinstalled everything. That got Plex up and running again until this happened. I have tried the powerdown -r command in putty now but the server doesn't seem to be rebooting, I can still access parts of the webGUI. Edit: I tried rebooting from the webGUI and the same message below appears in putty, so it would appear my server is refusing to restart.
  8. hal-diagnostics-20201211-2133.zip Ah, sorry! I have attached the diagnostic files, apparently that part of the webGUI is working.
  9. It seems my webGUI has partly crashed. I can see everything and notifications keeps showing up everyday, but it can't load dockers and nothing happens when I try to reboot. The server itself seems to be working, I can access my files via Windows and can login with putty. Hopefully a reboot will solve this, but I have tried googling a guide and there seems to be quite a lot of different information on how to actually go about this safely. Could someone please help me by listing the commands I need to use? I am a complete novice using putty.
  10. Is it possible to change the Home location for Krusader? It defaults to /config/ and for the life of me I can't figure out how to change that.
  11. Thanks for the tip! That's the one I'm using now, but as soon as i turn VPN on the WebUI becomes unresponsive.
  12. Another user with PIA issues here, I suspect. I haven't been able to log into the webui for a while and it would appear the VPN is the issue since turning off VPN solves the problem. Is there anything else I have to do to change the PIA server loacation than changing the openVPN file in the appdata folder? I have tried several different locations now that supposedly supports port-forwarding, but my webUI remains dead while the VPN is turned on.
  13. My plugins keeps getting disabled and I have to re enable them. Is there a setting somewhere that prevents this from happening?
  14. I've been having issues with the WebGUI becoming unresponsive when I run preclear on a new harddrive. The server seems to be working still, Plex is running and I can SSH into the server. To avoid having to restart the preclear check I was wondering if there is a guide how I can check the status of the preclear via SSH and what exactly I have to type to get there? I'm very unfamiliar with command line and so far I haven't been able to google my way there. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  15. Hmm, interesting. Thanks for your response. I guess I'm a bit colored by the feedback I first got over at ixsystems, where ECC RAM and Supermicro seemed to be the only thing worth considering. If I'm ditching the server motherboard and ECC, maybe an i5-9600k could be the way to go. I see that has a higher passmark as the Xeon I initially considered. How beneficial is the iGPU for transcoding in Plex compared to using the processor for that job? I see, I'll drop the RAID-0 plans for the cache pool and go with RAID-1. Would 256 GB be sufficient in general for the setup I'm considering?