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  1. I'm having the same issue. I am referencing the /rootfs/usr/sbin/smartctl file in the docker container. Just get this over and over. 2021-01-11T23:06:10Z E! [inputs.smart] Error in plugin: failed to run command '/rootfs/usr/sbin/smartctl [--scan]': fork/exec /rootfs/usr/sbin/smartctl: no such file or directory -
  2. I can see the PID, but zero utilization from it. This is an auto start, using these settings.
  3. it starts the process OK. I have to wait for it to finish and I'll let you know if it plays or not..
  4. I'm unable to get my Nvidia card to work with Handbrake on Unraid 6.9.35. It's working with Plex, so I believe I have it configured correctly. I am trying to use the H.265 NVEnc encoder. But when I look at my GPU stats, it says it's idle. I have host key 6 set to all (NVIDIA Capabilities) and the GPUUUID set in the handbrake docker image. I have also gone into the gui and tried several combinations in there, choosing both the h265 and h264 NVEnc encoding options. Nothing seems to work to engage my Nvidia card. Any thoughts? my-HandBrake.xml
  5. I was able to get everything working after upgrading to 6.9.35 Beta today. No changes were needed to the Plex container (after stopping and restarting docker outlined in the instructions). Thanks and nice work!
  6. So, that's great that it's coming with 6.9. Any idea when that will actually be released? I mean, they are on version 35 right now. Do we wait until 100 sometime in 2021 Q3 before they actually release it?
  7. So, what are we supposed to do until 6.9 is officially released? It would be nice if I could get my actual "production" cluster to work, and I'm not really a fan of running my one and only Unraid server on beta software (I'm not at the point where I have a play machine yet).