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  1. here it is. lilthang-diagnostics-20210619-1024.zip
  2. I have my cache drive enabled, but unraid isnt using it and say its no enabled. Can anyone point me in the right direction for the fix?
  3. is there maybe a step by step guide on this? I want to learn about Zabbix for unraid vs zabbix for CentOS, Ubuntu, etc.
  4. not really sure WTH i have done here, but i can not get telegraf to install the container. see screen shot below I am running untelegraf currently, but its not able to access a database... i have followed the guide: https://technicalramblings.com/blog/how-to-setup-grafana-influxdb-and-telegraf-to-monitor-your-unraid-system/ https://www.reddit.com/r/unRAID/comments/7c2l2w/howto_monitor_unraid_with_grafana_influxdb_and/ and have no success. Any help would be greatly appreciated. ***solved*** manually added telegraf folder into appdata and
  5. I dont see it on my Dashboard, which was making me think i screwed it up somehow. I can only see the SSD i have in there I just want i guess to know its there and available. Going to try and set up Blue Iris in a VM and use that extra storage for NVR
  6. This is how i have it now, which i dont think is correct... I do have unassigned devices installed, what would i need to do in order to get it under the unassigned devices?
  7. Pardon my ignorance here (Newbie), I am wondering if this is possible. I dont have enough HDD slots and need to add additional storage. I have a Synology DS1019+ sitting there with 50TB available. Can i have UNRAID share storage via network to this device? I know i could go and buy bigger 2.5" HDD's, but that cost money. Appreciate the help. Current setup is as follows: Dell R610 (6) 2.5" HDD slots.