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  1. Unfortunately I'm also experiencing this issue. Is there any possible fix for this?
  2. Yes I fixed it. It was a firewall issue. I also configured WOL, so I can wake it up from sleep without problems.
  3. Hey! First of all, thanks for your container. I set it up like shown in SpaceInvaderOne's video and it worked like a charm. Today I tried to connect to my windows machine (RDP) again, but unfortunately it didn't work. It times out in the browser saying that the guacamole server is not reachable. In the log it says: "guacd[497]: INFO: RDP server closed/refused connection: Connection failed (server unreachable?)" It used to work fine yesterday and I didn't change any setting. Do you have any idea to fix this? Any help is appreciated. Greetings from Germa
  4. Hey ich777! I have the same problem with your jdownloader2 container. I'd like to change the port from 8080 to anything else and route the traffic through my delugevpn container. What would be the right approach here? Any help is appreciated and thanks for your containers!