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  1. Changing the font size, doesn't seem to work.
  2. I don't know of any modifications/script that I made or were to even get rid of that? I checked /etc/rc.d/rc.docker since right after it starts the ram-disk is synced and the only mention in that file is "DOCKER_RAMDISK=true." After checking the log and noticing the sync every 30 minutes a search found this. I've removed it, rebooted and will wait to see if a nother container flips out.
  3. Each time I use the Update All docker button, it fails to remove the container stating that the container is already in use. giving a server error. Then I have a ghost container that refuses to be removed. I have tried deleting the docker.img and rebuilding but the problem keeps re-occuring. The only way of removing the containers is by doing a full restart on the server. The shutdown then hangs when it's trying to unmount the drives. Eventually this leads to a dirty shutdown. Once the server is back up, then the command "docker rm --force "container" " works. loki-syslog-20220512-2318.zip
  4. A new update got pushed today which contains the fix for log4j. Warning though, some still consider the "fix" to be more of a Band-Aid with the potential for the exploit to still exist.
  5. This container contains the Log4j library which has been found to have an RCE exploit.
  6. This container contains the Log4j library which has been found to have an RCE exploit.
  7. HW will work without tone mapping but what's the point lol? I'm currently on a version plex:version- The newest plex update had broken HW transcoding for comet and rocket lake cpus.
  8. Your right, after going past version- I can no longer transcode 4k HDR. This is on a server using a w1290-P.
  9. Don't know if this has been mentions yet but, quicksync stops working after version I tested this across multiple containers, each with the same results.
  10. In unbound when using SSL? when the hash.unraid.net url is set the web browser spits out DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN. Fixed it: private-domain: unraid.net needs to be added into the unbound conf file
  11. Is there anyway to test it without having to add a new movie to our Plex libraries?
  12. Absolutely amazing! Thank You!
  13. when I try to get wireguard to work the container just hangs at qBittorrent process listening on port 8080
  14. Would you be able to make an icon for the Lian Li PC-O11D XL case?
  15. remove all path,ports,vars add var debug = yes add new path for config file container path: /app/config.ini Host Path: "wherever your config file is located" remove and re add the tuner in plex.