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  1. I am having code 43 to pass my gtx 970 , but my mobo x570i have only one pcie port so I can only plug one gpu and I am having ryzen 3900x so I have no igpu too.. any way I can make it work? Thx
  2. Bcdedit.exe -set TESTSIGNING ON An error has occurred setting the element data. The value is protected by Secure Boot policy and cannot be modified or deleted................
  3. my gtx 970 is not working (code 43), tried to follow a lot of guides but failed, hope this one will success
  4. Did you ever get this figured out? I'm having issues getting my new 2080 to work in a Win10 VM. Everything appears fine, but getting an error when trying to load any game...
  5. changed the vdisk name, disabled autostart of vm, now at least unraid is not crashed but I still cannot get rid of code 43
  6. have you solved this? I have the exact same issue with you, follow all those guides and no luck
  7. thx, this help me save my crash But i still cannot get the vm work as I wish, just only I know why it crash
  8. update: after I disable VM, now the array can start the parity check... But i think If i enable vm again, it will crash, anything I can do?
  9. background: I was passing through GPU to my win10 vm but I cannot make the driver running (code 43), so I follow spaceinvader's guide in advanced gpu passthrough to change the xml setting on the graphic card and sound card. That's where I crash the unraid server for the first time and I have to power off the machine and restart it. And then I realize vm is turned off upon restart, so I enable vm and then start the array. sadly, everytime I start the array, webgui will have no respond and I have to power off again. That is the same case for direct gui too Now i cannot start the array back, it will crash as soon as i start them syslog.txtaudreyu-diagnostics-20200601-2110.zip here's the system log, appreciate so much your help. THanks.
  10. Hi and thanks in advance, I am new to unraid, just build my ryzen unraid server and got the array checked and up this morning. I remember last night I can still access the unraid nas share folders through my laptop and copy a win 10 installation iso to the unraid array. But today I go to work and remote to the same laptop via google remote desktop and discover that I cannot access the same unraid NAS folder in this way. Just wonder if this issue is because I am in a remote session to my laptop? or that should not be related and that's a problem for my unraid/ win10?